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BlockChaining Lebanon MOU Signature

The Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with DigiWeb LLC, Choueh Law Firm, and the Lebanese Association for Digital transformation to introduce Blockchain training courses, develop Blockchain use cases and launch the upcoming Blockchain conference, “Blockchaining Lebanon Conference”

This MOU establishes collaboration between DigiWeb LLC, its partners, including the Lebanese Association for Digital Transformation (LADT) and Choueh Law Firm, and the Ministry of Economy to support the Ministry’s digital transformation process.

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Digi Web LLC & Choueh Law Firm Partnership

Digi Web LLC, a powerhouse in the internet business, blockchain, and digital transformation industry, has teamed up with Choueh Law Firm, a respected legal practice specializing in blockchain regulation and compliance. This strategic partnership is poised to revolutionize the support available to clients in an era of fast-paced change and innovation.

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Introducing FRED

Fundamentals of Real Estate Development, a Collaboration between Digi Web LLC and Dr. Youmni El Jrab

Digi Web LLC proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Dr. Youmni El Jrab to launch FRED, the “Fundamentals of Real Estate Development.” This collaboration is set to revolutionize real estate education on a global scale, offering comprehensive training both online and offline.

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