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Dairy Khoury

Success Story

March 2011, Dairy Khoury approached Digi Web with different goals in mind, to create their online presence, Increase digital awarness about the brand and its products, Reach a wider audience of retailers who would want to sell Dairy Khoury products at their stores, Reach the community of Univerisities Students especially those who live within dorms.

In order to make of these tasks a very succesful goal, Digi Web team came up with a transformative marketing and advertising campaign for Dairy Khoury’s  which marked a resounding success in both online and offline spheres. By unveiling their rebranded identity and introducing an intuitive website for online orders, the campaign not only sparked widespread awareness but also revolutionized consumer accessibility. The tiered pricing structure based on user access levels proved to be a game-changer, fostering a surge in sales.

The ripple effect extended further, drawing in an expanded network of retailers, from quaint local shops to major outlets, eager to showcase Dairy Khoury’s diverse range of products. Concurrently, the company’s social media channels experienced a remarkable uptick in engagement, fostering a dynamic and vibrant community interaction between clients and the brand.

This holistic campaign not only elevated sales figures but also forged robust connections, solidifying Dairy Khoury’s position as a leading force in the dairy industry.

Client: Dairy khoury.

Date: April 2011

Location: Maten, Lebanon

Campaign Type: Offline and Online Marketing Campaign

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