Digi Web
Success Story

Trillium Beirut

Exemplifying an extraordinary feat in real estate marketing, a $300 million mixed-use complex was swiftly sold within an astonishing 48-hour window, spearheaded by a meticulously crafted campaign leveraging the prowess of Facebook. Orchestrated by Digi Web LLC, the innovative initiative harnessed the power of social engagement, inviting participants to propose a project name.

Among 40 curated options, ‘Trillium Beirut’ emerged victorious, securing its creator a substantial $20,000 cash prize. Under the campaign banner ‘Name our project and Win $20,000,’ the strategic fusion of online and offline marketing materials, including tailored brochures, ensured widespread visibility and resonance. This comprehensive 30-day campaign culminated in the project’s unveiling, resulting in a rapid and unprecedented sales accomplishment, setting a new benchmark within the real estate domain.

Client: Mercury Holding

Date: 10 Feb 2011

Location: Beirut,Lebanon

Campaign Type: Offline & Online Marketing Campaign

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