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Success Story


Al Nayfah campaign was devised with a clear vision: to amplify project awareness, drive substantial data collection, and foster sales for the project through a robust social media strategy. Digi Web Team meticulously crafted engaging content and employed targeted outreach to harness the immense power of social media platforms. Through compelling storytelling and interactive posts, the team captivated Al Nayfah audience, igniting their interest in the project and prompting active participation. As a result, the campaign not only achieved its primary objectives but also surpassed expectations by generating an unprecedented level of social media engagement and leads resulting into 7 million leads. The success of the approach was evident in the influx of data collected, the heightened visibility of the project, and the remarkable increase in project sales, solidifying our campaign as a testament to the potent impact of strategic social media utilization in achieving multifaceted goals.

Client: Rafal

Date: 2018

Location: Ryadh,KSA

Campaign Type: Data Mining & Social Media Marketing

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