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Success Story

The Moutains Magazine Lebanon

In a visionary move to bolster mountaineering in Lebanon, Digi Web LLC demonstrated unwavering support in 2020 by fully underwriting the evolution of The Mountain Magazine Lebanon’s online platform. Their pivotal contribution encompassed the complete funding of the magazine’s website development, complemented by a pioneering digital marketing initiative. This strategic endeavor markedly amplified the magazine’s visibility, broadening its reach to a larger audience. Digi Web’s commitment extended further with investments directed into the creation of a mobile application expressly designed to fortify the magazine’s presence. This imminent launch is poised to revolutionize accessibility and engagement within the mountaineering community, marking a significant milestone in the convergence of digital innovation and Lebanon’s mountain exploration pursuits.

Client: The Moutains Magazine Lebanon

Date: Mars 2020

Location: Lebanon

Campaign Type: Full fledged Online Campaign & Solution

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