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Success Story

Bahsa-Audi Challenge Arabia

During the “Audi Challenge Arabia” Campaign, Digi Web LLC and its team boldly challenged Audi Cars to conquer the daunting “Bahsa Slope” on Mount Sannine, Baskinta, Lebanon. Regrettably, Audi did not take the challenge seriously.
Leveraging this opportunity, Digi Web LLC seized the moment to spotlight the diverse mountain sports practiced in this Lebanese region, frequented by international mountaineers utilizing it as a training ground before conquering global summits.
Through a strategic Facebook campaign launch, the challenge garnered an astounding 160,000+ views within 48 hours. This initiative not only showcased Digi Web’s ingenuity but also served as a catalyst in raising awareness about lesser-known sports in Lebanon, ultimately bolstering recognition for mountain sports tourism in the region. This success stands as a testament to Digi Web’s innovative approach and its commitment to highlighting Lebanon’s hidden athletic gems.

Client: Audi Challenge Arabia

Date: 30 Jan 2016

Location: Mount Sannine ,Lebanon

Campaign Type: Online Challenge Awarness

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