Digi Web
Success Story

Lebanese Cycling Federation

During the pivotal years from 2001 to 2004, Digi Web LLC emerged as a catalyst in fostering a dynamic partnership between Scott Bikes and the Lebanese Cycling Federation. As a sponsor of the Lebanese Cycling Federation website, Digi Web LLC played a pivotal role in amplifying the promotion and organization of over 100 cycling events across Lebanon. Their dedicated team was actively present, capturing diverse content during these events, which was subsequently transformed into valuable digital materials distributed among cyclists. This collaboration proved immensely successful, benefiting all involved parties. Notably, the enduring success of this alliance is evident as Scott Bikes continues to be a prominent sponsor for various Federation events, cementing a lasting legacy of mutual growth and support within the cycling community.

Client: Lebanese Cycling Federation

Date: 2001-2004

Location: Lebanon

Campaign Type: Full fledged advertising & marketing

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