Digi Web
Success Story

Maison Du Ski

Digi Web LLC E-Solutions catalyzed Maison Du Ski’s groundbreaking foray into the digital realm in 2002, pioneering their profound digital transformation journey. By leveraging cutting-edge E-commerce solutions, Maison Du Ski swiftly established an online sales platform, enabling the seamless retail of their top-tier products. Their innovation and with the support of Digi Web LLC extended to an e-rental solution, revolutionizing how individuals accessed ski and sports equipment, offering both daily and seasonal rental options. Furthermore, Maison Du Ski strategically allocated a dedicated section for mountain resort rentals through their platform, empowering clients to access a loyalty program and effortlessly rent rooms in Keserwan’s picturesque mountain resorts with unparalleled ease and convenience. This strategic digital expansion set and implemented by Digi Web LLC not only elevated their business model but also revolutionized customer experience in the realm of winter sports and mountain leisure activities.

Client: Maison Du Ski

Date: July 2002

Location: Feytroun, Lebanon

Solution Type: Full fledged digital trasnsformation solutions for its operations

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