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Success Story


Discover the remarkable success story of Digi Web LLC’s collaborative marketing triumph for the renowned Rossignol Ski brand and Les Marmottes ski resort in Lebanon, through the innovative campaign, ‘Find Me if You Can.’
This groundbreaking initiative captivated over 100,000 ski and mountain enthusiasts, inviting them on an exhilarating quest to locate Les Marmottes’ elusive mascot hidden within online posts and printed visuals and engage with it online. Participants were encouraged to immerse themselves in this interactive challenge, igniting a spirited competition.
The individual who exhibited the highest level of engagement and achieved the most significant success ratio was bestowed with a magnificent reward—a staggering $5K worth of premium goods from Rossignol and an exclusive one-year chalet at Les Marmottes resort, creating an unparalleled buzz within the skiing community. This extraordinary campaign epitomizes Digi Web LLC’s commitment to pioneering marketing strategies that not only captivate audiences but also yield exceptional rewards and experiences for participants, solidifying our reputation as trailblazers in the realm of marketing and engagement.

Client: Rossignol

Date: 3 Dec 2015

Location: Faraya,Lebanon

Campaign Type: Virgin Radio & Online Marketing Campaign

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